Al Farees provide professional implementation of the management methods  from buildings to highways, power plants, waste treatment facilities(incinerators), water prufication centers, mechanic shops, offices, etc. As a leading operation and maintenance (O&M) service provider in the Middle East with a wide range of project experience portfolio in different sizes, we support our client’s facilities and project by quality and a full time responbility involving professional and highly qualified staff. Up to know we have succeeded in providing completing over 20  O&M contracts to U.S . Military and other government agencies during the Operation Iraq Freedom.

Undertaking the responsibility of the projects, we have increased our expertise by adopting new experience into our system to provide full adaptation to the services  with zero defects proudly since 2003. Our expertise involves O&M Services of;

  • Solid and Liquid Waste Treatment Facilities
  • Water Purification Centers
  • Power Generation Equipment Installation and Maintenance
  • Automotive Maintenance Facilities
  • Base Operational Tanker Trucking Services (Fuel, Fresh Water, Waste Water)
  • Telecommunication Centers
  • Laundry and Ablution
  • Janitorial Services
  • Portable Toilet Units
  • Personnel (Administrative) functional support