Al Farees  has taken initiatives to offer renewable energy development services delivering solar and wind energy project. Al Farees is based in Baghdad, Iraq and is a company which has various construction operation from different industries. By means of renewable energy we have expertize in in the design, development, financing, construction and operation of renewable energy power plants in Iraq and other Middle Eastern Countries. Our goal is to provide the development, design, construction, financing and operation of wind farms and solar power plants. Al Farees has strong relationship with the national and international investors in order to perform sustainable projects including wind farms and solar power plants.

Partnering with the Professional developers and supported by the investors, Al Farees is dedicated to offering successful sustainable projects with all technical, engineering, construction and operation-maintenance capabilities.

Al Farees has the right professionals of specialist personnel for all the requirements in order to support the sustainable energy projects. We have an absolute team of engineers to assess the wind resource, procurement of the wind-turbines, asses the technological capabilities of the wind turbines, analyze network and the design of the connections.

Al Farees  has the financial resources, specialist partners and professionals in order to execute solar and wind power projects. We have  the capacity to offer project development, construction and operation-maintenance of such facilities. The integration of the  Engineering, Procurememt and Construction provides us the right capabilities to support our effort to build up sustainable energy plants.

Why Renewable Energy?

Gas, fossil fuels and other energy alternatives- each with their unique advantages- collectively pose a threat to power plant operators and end users: volatility and insecurity of price. The price of gas fluctuates across regions and, for fossil fuels, in a cyclical fashion.   Renewable energy prices on the contrary have been continually decreasing, with the most significant price drop being observed in solar – 80% over the last seven years. We have also seen prices for onshore wind drop by 25%, while offshore wind starts to show the sign of decreased price as well.