Al Farees is a superior commercial construction company next to you for your next retail construction projects, including shopping centers and multi-use complex projects. The old fashion contractors may provide you services with the delay which might create undesired consequences regarding the budget and schedule.

If you do not like failures and delays in your plans regarding your investment, you need a modern contractor who estimates anything before you start to invest into a property. Al Farees Construction offers the best solutions with the best bid value for commercial construction projects.

Al Farees is capable of handling new retail construction projects, retail remodelling and renovations project, multi-use retail construction projects as well as other related contracts in order to meet your demands. Al Farees and its partners has a proven track record of past performance and portfolio of clients in order to prove its service quality. Al Farees promises the clients below elements the retail construction and commercial renovation projects.

General Contracting

As a general contractor, Al Farees will be available as a single point of contact to the client from planning to completion. This close cooperation enables the experts to respond to the requirements quickly and flexibly.

Al Farees offers design-build construction services for various projects in Iraq, Turkey and other Middle Eastern Countries.Expert in design-build construction, we have served in this role for companies, government agencies, military agencies and UN agencies.

Utilities Maintenance

Up to know we have succeeded in providing completing over various O&M contracts to U.S . Military and other government agencies during the Operation Iraq Freedom.Undertaking the responsibility of the projects, we have increased our expertise by adopting new experience into our system to provide full adaptation to the services with zero defects proudly since 2003.

Proudly, our experience with the retail industry plays a crucial role in the structure of our services and products.  We have completed various projects ranging from multiuse buildings to the shopping centers. Since our first project, we have completed and delivered many projects to the retail industry.

Al Farees has a philosophy to build up the most qualified services for our clients as the responsibility is higher than any of other deliveries. We are honored to offer  the best services to the retail construction industry.

Construction Equipment Rental

Al Farees offerrs construction machinery rental and maintenance services in support of the clients located in Iraq, Turkey and other Middle Eastern Countries with a relocatable professional team of maintenance as well as operators and necessary staff to meet the client’s needs. We do have a lease and management plan to provide quality and safety oriented projection. By this manner, we do have necessary professionals for logistics, procurement , on site management, maintenance as well as operation of the equipment. In our equipment park at our Joint Logistics and Warehousing Hub in Middle East, we do keep adequate inventory of construction and transportation equipments with a spare parts support to meet the requirements. Furthermore, Al Farees has the capabilities to procure and deploy new machninery , equipment and vehicles utilizing our own logistics and freight system.

By working with numerous clients, Al Farees understands the many differences and special circumstances of a retail construction project. Here are four core benefits of hiring Al Farees Construction for  your next retail building project.


Al Farees prides  on providing an excellent product at an excellent price. When it comes to retail construction, well, there’s certainly no exception.


We’ve never delivered a project late. Ever. And when it comes to the retail industrt, this is a strong weapon to have in our arsenal, as down-time isn’t really an option. Because of our proven Design-Build portfolio, it’s safe to assume that your timeline will be shorter and your process will be smoother when working with Al Farees Construction.


Construction Supplies

Al Farees offers a wide range of supplies meeting the standard criteria to the respective clients in various regions through out Middle East. We have a full control of the supplies through out the sourcing and delivery process and we provide effective solutions in the delivery of the materials to the clients’s location. Al Farees has developed a quality  and health-Safety  and environmental plan in order to control the standard of the conduct and to assure that the standard criteria is met by the international laws and regulations regarding quality as well as HS&E standards. 

 We offer products in compliance with ASTM,NEC,NEMA, BSI, NFPA and ISO: Ready-mix concrete, gravels, structural steel and other construction elements ,concrete barrier and security measure products, electrical materials and equipment, plumbing materials  and equipment, hvac spare parts and equipment (including refrigeration containers), relocatable living units, laundry equipment, office supplies, heavy equipment and machinery, light and heavy vehicles (armoured/non-armoured), lumber, timber, softwood, plywood, hesco barriers, transportation equipment, janitorial supplies, dining facility equipment and supplies.


 When it comes to construction costs, there’s just not any room in the budget for surprises.Al Farees prides itself on knowing that we’ve never gone over-budget. And that at your ribbon cutting, the only thing you’ll be left holding is a large pair of scissors.


Through our many years of building for the reknowned clients, we’ve developed a reputation of being a trusted and committed vendor. We’ve received letters of thanks and recommendation from some of the top quality clients, vouching for all of the characteristics noted above.

Civil Works

We are highly experienced in foreseeing the problems and taking necessary precautions before they turn into burden over the budget of the project. We can review the issues with adequate time and evaluate the cost of the site issues before these issues cause the costs to double.

Today, Al Farees has a well-established planning office with a highly specialized personnel and implementation structure to provide the highest quality for your projects per the Standard requirements. Al Farees has an in-house architecture and design capacity with specialists with experience in all design stages…

Waste Management

Al Farees is highly experienced in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste management facilities. We have the right management professionals regarding waste water treatment facilities as well as domestic waste collection, disposal and incineration facilities.


Al Farees offers accuracy in estimating, bidding and in each conditions that we include in the contract for your retail construction project of commercial renovation project. Honesty is one of basic core values of our services which provides the rapture between you and our company. Al Farees Construction is the commercial contractor of choice for many companies and investors.


Al Farees has a standard for the contract communications procedure in order to keep you updated  regarding the  preliminary activities or advanced events, all the way from setup, throughout the entire completion and inspection process,  We provide Daily, weekly and monthly reports for each aspect of your projects so that you are assured your investment is in safe hands. . And  for your convenience, our  managers are always available to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have. Al Farees can meet your expectations of retail construction service.


Al Farees is the best retail construction partner offering the highest level of professionalism with great craftmanship and engineering.  We strive for training and keeping the most Professional personnel in support of your projects.  Every employee who wears the uniform of Al Farees Construction act as the member of Professional team and they are the guarantee of the quality construction services that we offer.

So whether you’ve got a multi-unit, single unit, or adjoining retail construction project, or whether you need our amazing renovation services for your commercial needs, Al Farees Construction has the experience, skill, and expertise to make your project a success from day one throughout completion. Contact us today for more information!