Al Farees offers architecture of the planned structures and we have been providing successful design services majorly to our projects. Since we have established our company, we have given a great effort to develop our own skills in architecture and design services with a high level of competency. Architecture and design along with the engineering services are key elements fort he success of large-scale construction projects.

Today, Al Farees has a well-established planning office with a highly specialized personnel and implementation structure to provide the highest quality for your projects per the Standard requirements.  Al Farees has an in-house architecture and design capacity with specialists with experience in all design stages and they are highly trained and ready for the technological advancements and we are highly experienced in various types design structures for various industries.

We have a good network of offices located within Iraq and Turkey to support our field services with expert knowledge on special technologies, design styles and local requirements.   We select the best architects and engineers to realize the best visions come true, so the uniqueness and the quality is our focus in all of our creative work in support of our projects.  A design which will meet the diversified requirements is always the basic ideal while we are performing our job. Al Farees is a comprehensive service provider for architectural design and engineering pursuing the technology for all items related to the construction industry.  We have special expertise in the development and modernization of any kind of properties or facilities.


Our focus is to reflect the features of the location with special requirements of the project into an individual and unique design.  Our aim in this workshop is to build up the identity of the building with these requirements.

While building up the concept of a building defining the requirements of the building as clear as possible is significant at the initial phases. Achieving the highest value level, we stage the project into the next phase by knowing where we are and where we go. The most of important of all decisions should be project specific and relevant to the client’s expectations which will make a nuance between an everyday project and the project that is offered by Al Farees.

  • By means of project development we offer;
  • Location survey and analysis
  • Developing a style or a vision
  • Multi-functional planning
  • Developing a cooperation with the local authorities.
  • Unique facade design, by cooperating with renowned architectural offices
  • Landscape planning
  • Sustainability
  • Shop design
  • Design documentation, permit and execution planning

Design Documentation

Al Farees offers the most experienced planning architects and engineers which allows us to take over a complete package of services from the initial phases of the execution planning.  We take the advantage of the technical know-how of the in-house team of architects, interior designers, and engineers. Once we execute a contract, we are capable of drawing up all the structural designs, building services designs, fire protection systems and special lighting designs along with acoustical arrangements of a building.  While acquiring the permits, we have the expertise to obtain successful results in the management of environmental compatibility and other concerns.  We assure a maximum creation value in value engineering as well as space and yield-efficient functional planning.  Also we always dedicate an architect-engineer as a point of contact for design matters for each project so that the clients will be able get consultancy whenever they have concerns and questions.

In terms of planning we offer;

  • Space-efficient functional planning
  • Execution planning
  • Building applications
  • Leading detail planning
  • Special illumination
  • Facade planning
  • Authority management
  • Value engineering
  • Structural design
  • Building services
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Traffic planning
  • Fire protection
  • Environmental compatibility processes
  • Construction Management
  • Urban and traffic planning


Urban Planning

The public spaces of a city or a facility should be attractive and the visitor might feel special as they visit the location. That is to say, the public spaces are the locations where people would like to spend time and should be the places for attraction. Functionality is another matter which should be considered along with the attractiveness of a particular location of a city or a facility. Al Farees acts responsibly while designing and planning the public spaces that the investors will gain more efficiency and benefit from the future of the outcome of their project.

Al Farees offers the development of individual solutions for each area with a close cooperation with the clients.  We are highly experienced in developing compact, unique, efficient and cost-effective projects for differents functions on behalf of public and private clients. We develop sustainable designs and public spaces in which the life will flow.

Al Farees has a holistic approach in terms of architecture for the planning of the cities or a particular public area of a facility. We are highly proud to offer the most knowledgeable experts fort he project and urban development.  Al Farees specifically focuses on the needs of the people living on those areas while considering the interests of the investors and the business partners. We consider all components of a project from every angle for an efficient public area planning and successful private sector development.

In terms of urban planning we offer;

  • Quarter planning
  • Master planning with regard to district, overall city, and region
  • Retail quarters
  • Integrated retail development in city centers
  • Public community planning processes
  • Mixed use concepts
  • Urban revitalization of city centers, pedestrian zones, and industrial wasteland
  • Framework for new city centers
  • Traffic planning
  • Utilities planning


Interior and light design

Shopping centers

The most fundamental elements of the design of the shopping centers are the interior and lighting design as these factors are significant for the atmosphere inside the shopping centers.  Nowadays, shopping centers are preferred for leisure time activities along with the shopping purposes.  Significantly, multiuse mall design combines the functional concepts with the architecture technology highlights and the fabulous lighting scenes.  As it has been before, the places to have  foods such as luxurious restaurants or even a takeaway, shopping centers are becoming the places for attraction with a rising trend.  Also, innovative events, art galleries, and similar things are organized in these structures that the interior and lighting design plays a crucial role in the marketing effort of the investors.


Office and Real Estate

Al Farees focuses on the end users’ needs and desires starting from the planning stages till the end of the projects for the commercial construction activities. We consider every each aspect of the interior design of your offices.  The globalization and individualism are demanded by the today’s society and they need the work spaces shall significantly be taken into consideration in terms of speed of action, flexibility and creavity.  In this respect, a good design and a little bit engineering may help increase the personal development of the employees and the reputation of the company as well.

By means of interior design we offer;


  • Shopping center interior design
  • Food court design
  • Graphic design
  • Light concept
  • Daylight simulation
  • Mall furniture
  • Spatial planning for office properties
  • Lobby design
  • Concept and location-related color and pattern selection
  • Landscape planning


Al Farees offers landscaping services for attractive exterior spaces in addition to the superior quality interior design and functional building planning with a close consideration to the needs of the end users. We offer landscape design services with modern approaches to the free spaces along with individual and innovative solutions including lighting, out-door furniture which are highly relevant for the quality of the planned area of use.  We achieve the optimization of the facility or the construction area with simple means in order to take the advantage of the rental partners and customers in refurbishment and restructuring projects.  Our designers and design associates are the most experienced people of the market place to provide you the superior quality exterior design.

In terms of exterior design and planning we offer;

  • Free space design, landscape planning, urban planning
  • Lighting and furniture
  • Traffic planning
  • Signage, graphic design
  • Color and pattern selection
  • Technical buildings systems
  • Our contribution to sustainability and life cycle management

Technological Building Solutions

Al Farees offers technical competence of technological building solutions, integrating the newest technologies in the building planning.  We develop, plan, and integrate innovative sustainable cost effective systems. The competencies are rounded off with life cycle management in the portfolio.

Concepts, planning, and construction for technical building services and property development:

  • Technical due diligence
  • Sustainable energy and environmental concepts
  • Investment and ancillary costs-efficient interpretation/planning of technical systems
  • Technical implementation of personal protection and fire protection concepts
  • Technical design of atmosphere
  • Light design
  • Computer-aided daylight calculations
  • Energy-efficient artificial mall light design
  • Architectonic facade lighting