Al Farees is the right choice if you are looking for a qualified partner who will oversee and manage your construction activities along with the subcontractor management.  It is a challenging matter to run a construction project in the Middle East as the market is extremely complex and subject to constant changes in the pricing option as well as the other regional conditions.  It is significant to plan your investment volume for each phase of the project carefully in order to avoid any downtime through out the life cycle of the project.  We are dedicated firm to offer quality construction management services in which we start the implement the standards at the beginning of each project.  Over a decade now, Al Farees is one of the most experienced firms regarding the construction industry and market in Iraq and the Middle East to meet your expectations.  We have the right professionals fort he processing of the large-scale construction projects.

We always choose the best solutions to meet the requirements of your project appropriately.  The contracts may be awarded individually or to your contractors, our professionals process each step considering all commercial factors. Considering the project specific conditions and your needs, we select the most appropriate awarding model in order to run your project.

In terms of construction management we offer;

  • Technical and commercial project management
  • Selection of type of awarding
  • Construction site logistics
  • Tendering and preparation of the awarding
  • Property monitoring
  • Property management
  • Acceptance
  • Controlling and consulting services

Al Farees utilizes effective tools and strategies which streamline the work in order to ensure each responsibility is met and each architect, subcontractor and the vendor remains on Schedule and on a budget. We technically handle your construction project with new tools to make the process easier. The strategies that we implement for good construction management will be basics will develop the success of your project with our day-to-day management.  We follow the steps below to achieve this;


Communications and Reporting

One of the key elements which make Al Farees’s Construction Management successful is that we essentially develop and implement a communication system with a reporting system at all phases of the projects. Dedicating point of contacts who will respond to the client’s questions without a delay is crucial in the execution of the works.  Each report is taken seriously and objectively while managing the construction.  Our communication planning serves the management of the construction best as everyone on the ground will have an effective communication with all the management offices and eventually with the client.  It is transparent which makes the process smoother and reduces the e-mail traffic and phone calls when issues occur.


We utilize collaborative construction management systems which sync the reports, comments, attachments, schedules, news budges and changes to the orders easily at all once in a system.  It allows us to relay the changes to the other managers and accounting offices simultaneously providing an e-mail free method of project management.  This provides us the advantage of spending more time at the construction site to monitor the activities of the subcontractors and vendors at all stages of the work.



Planning is the most significant element of the construction projects at all phases and it requires a continuous engagement throughout all the stages. Al Farees’s professionals start these activities long before the actual construction starts, and continue revising and developing plans till the end of the project. Extensive planning is required for the pre-construction and the procurement of the projects and each needs to be revised as the next phase unfolds. The construction site is a place where anything can happen.  Al Farees has an established system for issues and if environmental issues occur during any stage, we are capable of responding to it in a quick manner and revise the design. While revising any component, we consider the entire plan and schedules.

Al Farees always selects the seasoned professionals and subcontractors who have decades of experience in electrical, plumbing, scaffolding and carpentry and we only select the qualified sources for the procurement of the materials.  While planning the prime planning, we communicate the master plan to all the organization including the subcontractors so that everybody on the ground will know what they will do and when they will do.  Coordination is the core of each stage regarding the planning activities that we regularly arrange site meeting to discuss the issues related to the planning.

We Question

Al Farees do not favor the  PMs and CMs just sitting at the desks isolated from the project and the team.  Our organization orders these managers to be the leader of the site teams and an integral part of the project management process.  The construction project management is not an abstract job; it is rather a physical process which requires action,attention and integration.  We never risk the field activities and workflow and we always stand on the ground to feel and see the actual work.  In the construction projects, before you start to resolve an issue you should go and see at its place and even you get measurements to offer an accuracy for your corrections.

We are familiar with any construction activity with our experienced personnel and we always appreciate and promote  the leadership  within our teams. The construction industry is constantly evolving and each project requires new activities and technologies, so Al Farees follows the new technologies and applies the best models and selects the best quality materials and equipment.

Monitoring Budgets and Costs

While monitoring the budgets and costs, we constantly consider the financial resources, we also take permits, wages, materials and, equipment into close considerations, as these resources are exchanged between an array of financial resources. From the initial bidding process to the project closeout, construction  we track and monitor all costs, especially as they relate to initial budgets. Meanwhile our accounting department manages contractor invoices, but even then,  we work closly with the  accountants to ensure all direct and indirect costs are recorded.

Tracking and monitoring the financial activities requires the assistance of specialized software and it will provide practicallity to use a software in order to manage these activities feasibility.  Even in small construction projects we utilize a system as they also contain different materials and individual costs, so we offer an effective management with an accounting software to manage costs and budgets. After all, we provide a full reporting regarding the input costs, budget changes and, other calculations and keep track of all the activities in order to be transparent to each party.

Automated Reporting Systems

We have system to respond to e-mails to reduce the downtimes at the offices which actually enables us to concentrate on the construction activities and related actions. We implement automated reporting systems for the purpose of routing the weekly distribution of various spreadsheets and status reports. This automation will ensure the right reports go to the right people on time, allowing you to focus on other tasks and communication. Other reporting systems, like Safety and Health Management, can prevent hazards, track incidents, and streamline worksite analysis when issues do arise.