Al Farees offers design-build construction service with cost effective pricing options, on time delivery and sustainability for your construction projects, specifically in Iraq and in other Middle Eastern Countries.
Along with other solutions for your projects such as general contracting and integrated construction project management systems, we tailor the individual project’s features and gain the advantage of the circumstances to offer you the best construction implementation planning. We assure the success of our performance through providing the works with the set budget, time constraints and the required level of quality.
The method we provide is not new to the construction industry, it has been used in the construction projects for over a decade now and it is one of the best and most popular management systems all over the world now. Here in this page, we define what we can offer to your projects with a successful delivery system.
By means design-build construction we meet the requirements of your projects with the key factors quoted below;
• Defining the each aspect of the work with a well-written scope of work
• Offering a dedicated team of engineers, architect, and managers by defining the responsibilities with a well-set project management system.
• Capabilities to undertake the responsibilities and providing quick responses to the project needs.
• A good selection of experienced project management people
• Commitment to quality and goals set by the owner of the project and acceptance of these policies by all the project members.
What makes our service successful is the right team we offer for the performance of your projects to communicate the design-build construction project and addressing the goals and requirements to meet the client’s satisfaction. Putting together the right team with right goals who has the cooperative knowledge and experience will be the core of the success of the delivery of the projects.
Al Farees company is a successful construction company in completing the projects and their needs on a timely manner. In the sequence of the construction, the project moves rapidly and we know the importance of taking decisions with a quick manner, which will indeed provide the client and us the opportunity gain more profit through this sequence. As it is known in the construction industry, the longer time the project takes, the lower the profit will be; and achieving a good profit margin is the goal of any commercial activity. As Al Farees, we assure to go by the set timeline and budget considering the client’s satisfaction in this respect.

When we execute a design-build construction project, we dedicate a team leader who will be the single source of responsibility to communicate with the client and necessarily the leader who will be financially and legally capable of entering a contract and ensuring the completion of the contracted work. Mostly Al Farees as the general contractor has the balance sheet and the bonding capacity which will be required by the contractors. But we might use the resources including our solutions partners to increase our capabilities in accordance with the magnitude of the projects.
We offer a better control of the project management and the budget to ensure that our clients are sure that everything is going well. On the other hand, if the system is interrupted the quality goal and other aspects of the management might be impacted, therefore once we execute a project under this system we ensure that every each aspect of the contract is well set.
Once we execute a contract, our design team performs the necessary works to define the initial scope of the detailed needs and expectations of the client. Unless the scope of the project is not defined at the beginning of the contract, the expectations and goals of the clients may not be satisfied fully. So we handle this phase carefully in order to prevent any future mission failures.
On our design-build system, no party works separately and we integrate the architects and the construction team all together with the client representatives. Also, the subcontractors and the vendors are not taken out of the team that each member is dedicated to fulfilling their responsibility as per the scope of the project. As Al Farees, we employ the most experienced personnel and Professional subcontractors to perform projects. No member is allowed to think outside the box and they must serve the main goals which serve best for the success of the project. We are capable of coming ıp with “win-win” solutions incorporated with the best balance of cost, function, efficiency, sustainability and delivery for a specific project.
Al Farees a team of engineers who are open-minded, flexible and experienced to consider all alternates and aspects. We offer the best design solutions and combine the with safety, functionality, and effectiveness. However, the cost will be different for every each project and location of the projects due to the logistical and other factors which will be defined specifically by the aspects of the projects.
The client’s representative plays a crucial role in the management of the project that he/she should have the right knowledge and skills to cooperate with our team. This person should be capable of making decisions quickly. Without such a decisive, responsive, knowledgeable representative, the Design/Build process may stall. This diminishes the time benefits of this strategy and can result in the process more closely resembling the traditional Design/Bid/Build concept. This can inevitably lead to design/review/design.
Our HQ Office and the branch offices along with the site offices have a good integration for communication that we can provide communications for almost 24 hours. Also, we always assign the best people to our site offices to communicate with the clients either technically or for other purposes.

Up to now, we have a good track record with the construction projects that we have completed with various clients including the U.S. Department of Defence, U.S. Army and other civilian clients in various regions. We are especially highly experienced in military camps and housing units, we have a reputation for completing the projects with full customer satisfaction.
Both in government projects and the civilian sector projects are challenging and requires a good deal of experience and skills. For instance, the military housing units and camps we have completed had various structures including waste water treatment plants, potable water treatment plants, housing units, conference rooms, dining facilities along with other structures. Time and the budget are most important factor in the competitive construction award on a Design/Build system and we have the best options to meet the client’s needs in this respect.
Once we are awarded a project we start the communications to integrated the Client , Design group (Architect and Engineers), Build (Construction group, site management in order to set a single goal for the success of the project: Building a state-of-the-art customer service center within budget and the client’s fast-track deadline for occupancy. All members of the team will work together to meet the goal. For Al Farees, design and build process mean the marriage between the design and the construction team.
At this point the client’s representative who is experienced and skillful in construction projects should totally focus on meeting the needs of the employer. He should track the deadlines and should be fair in dealing with all of our team members and totally cooperate with us during the design and construction phase of the projects. When Al Farees’s design and construction team has a question regarding the materials and equipment to be utilized in the project, he should be ready to analyze alternatives and provide a quick decision without any delay,  enabling this project to stay on schedule and proceed successfully.

Our architects and consulting engineers of the Design-build team have worked on other projects together and have successfully practiced Design-build project delivery system. This enables Al Farees as a team to anticipate issues, work through challenging situations and providing solutions. Each member of our team is familiar with the procedures, techniques and subcontractor/vendor management systems which provide us the advantage in negotiating day-to-day decisions necessary for this fast-track projects.
During the bidding process, Our construction team and our subcontractors work closely with the design team to define the site, buildings or facilities, and equipment, materials, budgets and schedules. Our architects develop the CAD drawings, design schedules with milestones and an action plan with the objective dates. This allows us to hit the ground running as soon as we establish the team and sign a contract.
Our basic goal is to find and maintain the best and correct balance of functionality, efficiency, sustainability and deliverability. Our responsibility is not only design and build a safe, reliable, efficient buildings but also to ve sensitive to the goals of the client and Al Farees. The key is to provide sensible engineering solutions while integrating team goals with the client’s needs. Our firm also works closely with all the subcontractors and vendors. We have a positive history of working with firms integrating the knowledge and experience on a number of projects.
When the time schedules are limited, ordering and delivery of the equipment are critical to meet the construction deadlines. Equipment and material selection is the first decision. The equipment discussions covers the types of apparatus to be used, which included the mechanical systems (HVAC, etc.), UPS systems (whether to use static or rotary units), emergency/back-up power systems (amount of recommended redundancy), electrical distribution systems (types of conductors and protection devices), lighting systems, plumbing equipment and materials and all other systems required by the scope of the projects.
At this point we discuss the material and equipment selection several times with the client’s representative, our engineers, subcontractors, and vendors in order to choose the best elements meeting the requirements of the projects with a consideration of functionality, maintainability, operating costs and delivery timeline. After all reviews, we offer alternatives and recommendations along with life cycle costs and delivery times to the client for final decisions. Because these decisions are the building blocks of the design and subsequent construction, so these elements take the first priority and are the focus of considerable time and analysis.
Our Design-build team provides similar project implementations from various projects all over the world and then we offer the alternates stating the reasons to the client. For instance, in some cases, the steel construction might be more appropriate than the concrete construction our vice-a-verca in accordance with the availability of the resources in the region by meeting the delivery timeline required by the client. Normally in the country of Iraq, Al Farees has all the resources and equipment to provide concrete structures but steel construction may also be an option. Especially, when a fast deployment of military units is required, prefabricated units might be best option to accommodate thousands in a short timeline.

Once we make the decisions regarding the equipment and materials to be utilized, we submit the information to the suppliers for review. After careful evaluation of these submittals, we make decisions on specific types and sizes, which we use for ordering that equipment. This step helps to shorten the normal submittal process.
Concurrent with the system and equipment selections is the start of working drawings. The level of details included in Design/Build documents differs from that in traditional Design/Bid/Build working documents as it is explained in the paragraph below.
We issue working documents in multiple phases/packages (such as the site work, foundation, shell/structure, systems, and finish-out). This allows the drawings to get into the field as soon as possible. Some documents are prepared in much finer detail than normal.
For example, our firm prepares extensive underground conduit routing drawings, including all block out requirements for the electrical subcontractors. Our construction team also uses these drawings as field installation drawings for construction.
The subcontractors’ representative shall visit our offices almost every day to review drawings, discuss installation methods, and make suggestions before going into the field. They would then take the latest available drawings out to the field with them. This daily control method helps our firm, as the prime contractor, stay on top of the aggressive fast-track schedule.
Our firm dedicates construction site administrators throughout the design process, and they visited the construction site weekly. These people are part of the design team, and therefore are able to answer site questions with knowledge of the team goals. The construction administrators meet with the construction site managers and subcontractors to overview the construction process and to be available to answer any project questions. This process eliminates the time-consuming request for information (RFI) process that you normally do on traditional Design/Bid/Build projects.
Up to now, Al Farees has completed various projects in differents sizes utilizing Design-build construction process and we have a positive reputation in the market regarding finishing the projects meeting client’s needs. Since we have finished our first projects between 2003 and 2005, we have gained the experience the offer such an integration with architects, engineers, subcontractors, vendors and indeed the clients. We offer a safe and a reliable system to complete your projects.