Today, handling of environmental issues by companies and municipalities is not just a matter of compliance. The situation is much more complex. Issues like economic and environmental sustainability have gained increasing attention with the public in general, and customers and shareholders in particular. Handling environmental issues should be part of the general asset management of companies and public utilities.

Al Farees is an expert firm in wastewater treatment plants´ operations services, and we have provided our customers with an outsourced operation service since 2003.

We offer our customers cost-effective solutions in the management of the wastewater systems and plants. We offer our customers our own expertise in water treatment and ensure environment- and plant security.

Each wastewater is different. Therefore diverse expertise is required in order to ensure an efficient cooperation. A comprehensive service concept ensures an effective operation service.

Operation service is delivered to the customer as a comprehensive service, in which Al Farees is responsible for e.g. wastewater treatment plant´s operations on behalf of the customer. Although the customer is the holder of the environmental permit, Al Farees is responsible for operating the plant in compliance with the permit. In case of joint treatment plant projects of several customers, a management company is created in order to supervise the customer interests and manage balance sheets and billing.

Our service concept includes development, risk management, automation, and renovation as well as maintenance and management. We operate locally together with the customers and authorities. In addition, our customer has access to national project management and maintenance expert resources.

Within the wastewater treatment sector there are several key areas that must be considered when dealing with the multidisciplinary exercise of environmental asset management:

  • Balanced extensions and technological upgrading
  • Management of industrial point source pollution
  • Cost and energy savings
  • Capacity evaluation and process performance
  • Sludge management
  • Collection and management of data on WWTP operation
  • Benchmarking
  • Communicating environmental strategy to the local community and customers/shareholders.

New methods for consulting, construction and operation have emerged in recent years, all focusing on closer cooperation between the client and supplier. Such partnering often includes a common incentive, such as shared cost savings. DHI delivers services and solutions for environmental asset management in the area of wastewater treatment, with a focus on close cooperation with our clients.