Al Farees offers a range of civil works services and takes pride in the safe timely and cost effective delivery of civil construction projects Resources, Construction, Infrastructure, Utilities and Local Government sectors. Al Farees has the right professionals to provide a full coordination with the client, offering integrated solutions to assure that delivery of the works are performed safely, promptly , within the budget and the scope of the project.

We are highly experienced in foreseeing the problems and taking necessary precautions before they turn into burden over the budget of the project.  We can review the issues with adequate time and evaluate the cost of the site issues before these issues cause the costs to double.  Al Farees has the critical capabilities land and infrastructure development by means of civil engineering.  Our skills encompass all of the aspects of the commercial development projects from concept through completion.  We can perform the evaluation of the zoning restrictions, analysis of existing utility capacities, the design of a building pad and determination of a suitable building maintenance.

Our team of engineers can perceive the issues at early stages in the development process and provide cost effective solutions to you.   Al Farees is the right sources to assess the financial feasibility of your facility while assessing how many buildings can your asset can accommodate while we plan the necessary infrastructure, security, mechanical works.

We have a very strong reputation, a great deal of experience and the equipment resources to meet the needs of your projects.  Al Farees has been engineering solutions for over a decade – providing services ranging from civil engineering to earthmoving, excavations, drilling, clearing grubbing, concrete and asphalt pavement.


Public Works

Al Farees offers design, construction, and construction management services for public infrastructure improvements.  Additionally,  we various services related to land development including permit review, right-of-way inspection, and utility coordination. Our expertise includes waste water systems and the management of the drainage, solid waste management and landfill, public toilets and related systems as well as the waste collection and disposal services.  Furthermore, Al Farees is experienced in the management of the wastewater treatment plants.

Al Farees’s site work civil team has over a decade of mainline construction experience with all types of pipe. We’ve constructed water treatment facilities, water reservoirs, and water tanks with associated piping for various public work projects including telemetry and SCADA controls and implementation. Our experience includes substantial environmental remediation work and storm water treatment facilities, both public and private.

Road Rehabilitation

Al Farees offers structural maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of the roads.Roads are exposed to tremendous loads that will sooner or later leave their marks on them. A time will come when every road will be in need of a general overhaul. But no two damage patterns are alike. We have all the equipment including asphalt plants, aggregate machinery, mixers as well the pavers to perform any contracted work regarding the rehabilitation of the roads.

Al Farees’s civil construction division has extensive experience in public works and roadway construction. The complicated and public nature of civil work demands a high level of technical expertise. When you work with our talented and knowledgeable civil staff you not only get a contractor with extensive experience in building community and transportation infrastructure, you get a team that loves what they do and will go the extra mile to deliver a successful infrastructure project.

Preconstruction Services

Bad planning means bad performance and we want to make sure you don’t encounter any problems when your project gets underway. Al Farees’s civil division knows that preconstruction planning is vital to any project. Early collaboration between all parties involved will help construct the project efficiently and economically and will generate cost savings for you. This value engineering will save you thousands of dollars and speed up the delivery of your project.

We have all the construction equipment required for the initial phases of your projects and we have the most skillful operators and a team of engineers who have vast experience in these sort of operations.  Our earthwork division has completed site development projects in Iraq during the Operation Iraq Freedom in support of the Coalition Forces. As an excavating contractor we have the equipment and the know-how to get your job done right and on time.

Being up to date with real-time market costs allows us to provide competitive and accurate estimates to you and to provide value in the marketplace.