Al Farees Company , certified with ISO 9001:2008,provides construction, supply chain service and various services segments in conjunction with the requirements of the current and future expectations of the clients focusing  on customer satisfaction. Al Farees Company ensures that our  quality policy  complying with the international laws and regulations  will be implemented to meet those expectations with zero deviation. To achieve the customer satisfaction and improve our management system  , we are committed to:

    •  Developing a quality management system by meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 with a continuous and  consistent improvement.
    • Recognizing the client’s quality standards and adopting the applicable standards in order to imrove the effectiveness of the program
    • Providing a customer centeric vision through out the operations and consolidate the ideals in customer satisfaction in order to determine if the expectations are met.
    • Following up the consequences of the survey and audit plan in order to prevent problems from recurring and occuring issues.
    • Earn the client’s trust by providing an established system of testing, auditing and reporting.
    • Transparency of the records and the actual solid services to the client’s inspection at all times.
    • Prompt action againts the deficiencies in order to fix the issues on a timely manner.
    • Establish well applicable business standards binding a qualified vision and look.
    • Provide re-survey upon the effectiveness of the quality program and ensure that the rules are implemented with zero deviation.
    • Implement the program on each project participant including the Al Farees Company employees, subcontractors as well as the visitors to the operation area.
    • Study the client’s requirements and standard operational procedures in order to adapt the new procedures and provide a compliant service.

Basing the business standards onto these goals each employee, subcontractors, suppliers as well as the visitors to the operational areas shall adhere to all Al Farees Company quality procedures in order to assure a fulltime quality service.  As it is mentioned above in the goals, the trust of our clients is the core point which will result in consistency of services as well as a consistent growth with firm and long term relations.