Al Farees is  committed to ensure the goods and services it provides and the goods and services purchased in support of the projects and corporate departments :

  • are manufactured, delivered, used and disposed of in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and
  • deliver long term value for money for Al Farees, subcontractors as well as the clients as a whole.

In conjunction with the quality perspectives, the adaptation of the policies and the quality implementation at department levels is an important aspect of our program.  Moreover, Health-Safety and Environmental implementation is another aspect  in our structure of management. Thereby, these are the two core factors of the policy implementation at the sustainability strategy.

The corporate objectives will be updated for a sustainable growth of the management mechanism and for a continued development. The corporate board of directors is involved in the development and strategies programs with a full time participation in order to assume and adapt the rules and codes without discrimination between the departments as well as subcontractors and sub-suppliers.