Al Farees offers a wide range of supplies meeting the standard criteria to the respective clients in various regions through out Middle East, Central Asia, Sout West Asia and Africa. We have a full control of the supplies through out the sourcing and delivery process and we provide effective solutions in the delivery of the materials to the clients’s location. Al Farees has developed a quality  and health-Safet  and environmental plan in order to control the standard of the conduct and to assure that the standard criteria is met by the international laws and regulations regarding quality as well as HS&E standards.

The organization is highly effective with a web of sourcing through Europe, U.S.A and Middle East. We do have enough warehousing capacity in Middle East (Jordan, Turkey, Iraq) to assure a prompt delivery of the supplies to the destination. Al Farees keeps adequate inventory at its warehouses at the area of operation and have capabilities to build up new warehousing units as well as deploying mobile units in order to meet the requirements on time.

Our logistics and supply chain professionals are familiar with the standard of the conduct in quality and applicable standards that we aim zero defects in our supplies and the delivery services.

We offer products in compliance with ASTM,NEC,NEMA, BSI, NFPA and ISO:

  • Ready-mix concrete, gravels, structural steel and other construction elements
  • Concrete Barrier and Security Measure Products
  • Electrical materials and equipment
  • Plumbing materials  and equipment
  • HVAC spare parts and Equipment (including Refrigeration Containers)
  • Relocatable Living Units
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Office Supplies
  • Heavy Equipment and Machinery
  • Light and Heavy Vehicles (Armoured/Non-Armoured)
  • Lumber, Timber, Softwood, Plywood
  • Hesco Barriers
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Dining Facility Equipment and Supplies