Al Farees  provides a full range of construction services from the conceptual design phase through the facility-commissioning phase.

 With various ranges of design-build experience in commercial-non commericial as well industrial building construction, Al Farees  provides a wide range of conceptual techniques in order to provide a full time customer satisfaction. The professionalism our management and engineering team guarantees a 100% standard compliance by understanding the requirements of the project specific standards as well as the concept.  Our experience in general contracting involves:

  • Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
  • Residential Housing Construction
  • Industrial  Building Construction
  • Highway, Street and Bridge  Construction
  • Pre-engineer metal structures as well as relocatable housing construction

Committed several projects with U.S. Government Agencies, Al Farees  does have the experience in military housing and other miliatary building construction with a full compliance and understanding of the North American Standards for design-build standards as well as the material utilized under the projects with a wide range of sourcing options by engineering controls.

Al Farees , understanding the project requirements, has developed a wide selection of construction equipment in support of existing as well future projects.  Foreseeing a need for pre-engineered light metal structures, Al Farees has developed a team and deployed a  UBM MIC 120 roll-forming machine (MIC Industries, USA) in our inventory to meet satisfaction as well as the standard criteria meeting the quality standards complying with ASTM.